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Breeding Plans 

About Our Breeding Program

We are very selective on the dogs we choose to own and breed. This is not something we take lightly. Countless months, even years go into researching and planning our future litters. This includes but not limited to; researching the pedigrees for health results, temperaments, structure, coat colors, desirable traits, etc. We health test our breeding dogs and make sure they have desirable traits to be passed along. We breed for health, structure, and temperament. 

We Do Not breed solely for size and/or coat length, color. We Do Not crossbreed with other breeds. We Do Not breed dogs with known genetic issues. We Do Not mass produce puppies. We Do Not breed young females; under the age of 2 years. We Do Not sell breeding rights to just anyone.

We generally have a long waiting list for our puppies. So we encourage you to place your deposit early so you are guaranteed a pup!

Fall 2023 Tibetan Mastiff


Fall 2024 Boerboel 


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