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Food And Training

Our dogs and puppies are kept on a joint supplement and multivitamin from NuVet. Which we highly encourage to continue for a minimum of the first 2 years of your puppies life but ideally his/her entire life. MY CODE IS 50754

Our dogs and puppies are fed high quality kibble along with real food. Which includes; cooked fish, meats, eggs, yogurt, goats milk, cottage cheese, oatmeal, krill and coconut oil, bone broth, etc. 

We do not raw feed. Their treats include cow hooves, antlers, cooked/freeze dried pieces of meat, cheeses, etc. No raw hides or bully sticks, they are extreme choking hazards.

Our dogs all have basic obedience training and some have advanced training. Which we do ourselves.

We do short daily training sessions to keep their minds and bodies active,


Your puppy will know a few basic commands, food manners and started on leash and potty training. 

We highly encourage you to keep up his/her training while at home, until your puppy is old enough and has all the required vaccinations to attend puppy obedience classes. 

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